Baby Leg Warmers

We all know…as children of the 80s… that no wardrobe is complete without legwarmers! These chevron striped beauties are perfect for keeping lil’ legs warm and the style chic! A great stocking stuffer at just $14   Read More

Adorable Baby Knee Pads

Love those sweet pudgy little knees in a whole new way! These stylish little knee pads are for every stage and attitude and will protect those sweet little knees as they scurry and crawl from one side of the house to the other.  They come in a ton of... Read More

Audible Rush Bike Speakers

I hate the idea of my kids riding around with ear buds in and not being able to hear a coming car, train, or my screams from the front door.  But, as you well know, ‘I totally need to listen to my music, Mom!’. Meet your happy medium! Jam-Lite... Read More

Alchemy Goods Recycled & Fashionable Bags

We fell in love with this set the minute we opened it.  Completely recycled, totally chic, perfectly awesome! Everyone will compliment the new proud owner of this line – this will make you a holiday gift giving genius!   The Pike Messenger Bag The Pike retains most of the... Read More

Handcrafted Soap – Better for Your Skin and the Environment

This is soap? WOW! Have you ever noticed the beautiful, eye-catching bars of fragrant soap at the farmers’ markets and natural food stores? These handcrafted bars come in a dizzying array of colors, fragrances and shapes. They’re as much an art form as a science, but what makes them... Read More