Bheestie – Electronic Saving System!

Protect Your Investment with BHEESTIE Protech!

Phones. iPads. Cameras. Laptops.  These are all things that are not as awesome when they are wet.  If you have a kid and an electronic it is 28 Foil Bag Beads iPod new Baginevitable that at some point it will end up in a toilet, puddle, glass of juice, random weird place that shouldn’t be wet but somehow…you guessed it. Panic mode.

Keep BHEESTIE Protech at home, at work, in the car, aboard the boat, and in your suitcase. Just 1 – 2 drops of accumulated moisture can prevent electronics from working their best. Don’t risk the time, money, and effort you put into creating your electronic content. Protect your investment with BHEESTIE Protech.

Moisture mishaps happen. When they do, Bhee ready with BHEESTIE Protech!